Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oh, and so you know...

My favorites of the below photos are these:
  1. Scarlett! I love her. And there is something quite stunning about the photo. Although Cinderella isn't exactly my favorite, I think she's gorgeous and that the photograph is expressive and artistic.
  2. Aladdin. Although I don't really love Marc Anthony or J.Lo per se (although I kind of like Lopez in some of her movies and such), I DO love Aladdin, and this photo just really evokes a totally Aladdinesque feeling. Plus, at least they look like they belong playing the characters (*cough*Beyonce!*cough*).
  3. The Little Mermaid. I'm fairly fond of Julianne Moore, and I have always loved The Little Mermaid, and I think the picture is so interesting. I like the overall blue tone and the contrast of her hair, and I think it's cool to see merpeople swimming around.
To be fair, I like the Phillip and Arthur ones as well, very striking and visually interesting, but the aforementioned ones strike me more. I think if I were more a fan of Snow White, the dramatic and beautiful Rachel Weisz piece would strike me a little more, and I like the fairies one, though it seems a little unnaturally-posed. And speaking of uncomfortably-posed... Pocahontas? She looks like a taxidermist had its way with her! I actually don't hate the casting of Jessica Biel as the gorgeous and elegant Pocahontas, but the posing isn't doing it for me. I seriously have no comment about Whoopi as the Genie, and I actually do like the Peter Pan one. I think it's a very interesting and varied trio of a cast, and as we're sort of used to seeing an adult cast as Peter (almost always an adult on stage, and usually a woman), I thought a dancer was a decent choice, and it was at least refreshing to see a man playing him. Step aside, Mary Martin! Probably my least favorite is the treatment on Alice in Wonderland. Beyonce (or, "Affirmative-Alice") is lovely, but terribly miscast, and her vacant expression doesn't tell much of a story, and that Mad Hatter/March Hare combo is borderline disturbing! I'm all for mixing things up, but that is really odd.

So there you go, my top three and thoughts on the rest. Matt was dead-on about Scarlett, but Lacie was closest to guessing overall.

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