Thursday, July 3, 2008


I know that Mum will probably end up doing a full-fledged blog post about the joys of their newest acquisition, but I think I will post a picture of it anyway, to whet everyone's appetite for coming attractions. They were both so cute and excited for their new hobby and home-away-from-home, and in fact, have spent almost every night since they bought the thing sleeping in it up in the mountains. Dad has a brand new hobby, learning everything about how it works and its many features, and Mom is enjoying giving it homey touches. Already they have used it more than the previous owners.

It was a great deal, and the couple who owned it before were very nice indeed. So here it is, teardrop-shaped and with yellow trim. All right, Ma, let us all know of your adventures! (Or misadventures?...)

Incidentally, the thing is called a T@B (read: 'tab'), for some reason, hence the title of this post.


  1. I like the yellow trim, it is so mom. I bet mom and dad will definitely get their cost per wear out of this thing. They tend to use the fun toys they get a lot. Lets not forget how long ago they bought their bikes, and their enthusiasm hasn't worn off yet. Very cool indeed.

  2. Oh yes, the T@B is right up their alley. I am so glad they went for it. Love the picture!

  3. Very futuristic indeed. Good old T@bby is a great new member of the fam.

  4. The funniest was when we were trying to decide what it looked like. I said it looks like an escape pod from the Mother ship and Lili said it looks like it pooped out of our trailer. Hilarious!