Monday, July 14, 2008

Celebrity Update

Well, I was a little worried that I hadn't heard any instructions from the Scera regarding this week's events. I thought maybe my registration hadn't been saved or something. Anyway, unfounded fears because this morning I received an email from the Production and Programs Manager at the Scera with all the instructions I need. Hurrah, I'm signed up for sure.

So, here's my (probably) final blog reminder, although I sent out a very exclusive, elite (global...) invitation on facebook last night. I invite any and all to come and watch. Unfortunately, there's not public voting, like other well-known singing competitions, there is a reported panel of "judges", and it would still be fun to come and watch a live talent competition like such and thus. This event takes place at the Scera Shell Outdoor Theatre on Wednesday, 16 July, beginning at 8. 15 people will compete this night, and the singing order is predetermined, though they won't tell us when we'll be singing until we arrive that night. The email I received indicated it will go for 90 minutes, after which the included screening of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will begin. It does cost $4 per, although I think with a student ID it's only 3! Sit on blankets on the grass amphitheater and bring snacks and cheeses on which to munch.

"Join us for the 3rd Annual Celebrity... [singers will] compete before judges looking for Utah’s hottest talent! The winner will have multiple opportunities to perform throughout the year, including a TV appearance on ABC Channel 4’s Good Things Utah. Competition dates are June 11, June 18, July 9, July 16, Aug. 6 and Aug. 13. Three winners will be chosen each night and those eighteen will perform in the semi-finals on Aug. 22 prior to Dancing Under The Stars. The Top Six will open for Boyz II Men on Aug. 28...

Not a singer? Come cheer on the performers as they rock the mic to some of your favorite tunes. Then stay and watch an outdoor movie @ Dusk."
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  1. so wait, you're singing in the competition then, right? that's so cool! i'd thought about doing that but i'm not brave enough. good luck! i hope you win the whole thing.

  2. That's so exciting, I wish I could see it. All of Indiana supports you--can any of your competition say that?

  3. We shall be there. Opening for Boyz 2 Men!? Kind of like Guyz R Guyz on Daria. This is huge! I didn't know there was HP involved! That just seals the deal.

  4. totally awesome. I will book a sitter asap. Can't wait!

  5. wait a second, that is tomorrow! hmmm, i better get going on that sitter!

  6. I will totally try to come if the baseball tourn. isn't taking up the whole day again!