Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tonight's the Night!

Hello everyone. Tonight is the big night! I keep having mixed feelings of what it's going to be like (on the one hand, it might be hopelessly cheesy and embarrassing, on the other hand it could be really fun and turn out quite well). I received my final instructions, including song choice verification, and at this point I'm mostly just praying it won't rain!

So, check back tonight or tomorrow morning for a full report, hopefully with pictures (eh, Matt?) and maybe even video!

Stay tuned...

UPDATE: I didn't win. But at least it didn't rain. Details to follow.


  1. Great job last night! The winners were totally fixed. We all know who the real winner is!

  2. You did awesome Drew. I loved it. But next year, we will all sing, and rock their socks off.

  3. Oh man, I want to hear all about it!!!