Sunday, April 20, 2008

Egg Rolls!

So, today I finally gave my "homecoming" address (though, as it was pointed out to me, I made little if any reference to mission stories... I just don't feel like that's what Sacrament Meeting is for. If you really want to be bored by my stories, ask me in a different venue), which I helmed the production of several dozen Hmong egg rolls! For those who don thought turned out well, and I was very grateful for all the friends and family who came to show their love, and also those who came to the house afterward. This is the real reason for this post, because this was the first time that I't know, Hmong egg rolls are quite different than regular egg rolls, in manner of production and ingredients/flavor, and really, once you taste Hmong egg rolls, you never go back. (I generally take an egg roll when I visit a Chinese buffet, for tradition's sake, but I can't stomach more than a bite.) I have eaten Hmong egg rolls many times, and have even participated in the egg roll-making process once or twice, though this was my first time leading the event. I was amazed at the ease with which we were able to find the ingredients (though I think I'll do a couple of things differently next time... different wrappers).

So, the basic process included the mixing of the ingredients (eggs, ground beef, cabbage, cilantro, carrots, green onions, bell peppers, whatever your heart so desires in addition), rolling them in the wrappers and then deep frying them in boiling vegetable oil! It was lovely to have a lot of help from Lacie, Elise, Mom and Dad in the preparing and the rolling last night, and then from many helpers this morning after church with the frying. I have to say that I think they were a big hit! I myself was (almost) perfectly satisfied with how they turned out, and was just relieved that they were well-received. It was nice to have a little bit of the last two years find its way into the rest of my current life. In addition to the egg rolls (kab yaub), we had sticky rice (mov nplaum) and chili peppers (kua txob), as well as assorted fruits and other Asian treats, such as homemade fortune cookies by Matt and Cortnie and the deluxe ramen/cabbage salad by Melody! It was a lovely spread of food and friends, and a good time was had by all.

For those who missed out on the egg rolls, for whatever reason, I'm sure I can be convinced to make them again sometime...

The finished product


  1. I want one! Come to my house and make some please.

  2. A good time indeed. The rolls were awesome, and the crowd was diverse. I'm bummed I missed the hot sauce (hongOhTong SongAyeYouCongEee).

    I agree that Sacrament meeting is not the place for that, but I do want to hear mission stories at some point. I'm still hoping for a slideshow/story night.

  3. Ah yes... Well, there are a couple of ideas in the works.

  4. I was there to make these bless-ed egg rolls. It was F-U-N. I also couldn't help the swelling of pride when people would say something like, "Man! These egg rolls are delish! Who made them?". Though I didn't really do much, it was nice to see our work appreciated!