Monday, April 21, 2008

One more thought for the night...

For some inexplicable reason, I was rereading some old blog posts tonight (by myself and others), and I just had to put this out there somewhere...

I have always found it amusing that failure to respond to a particularly acidic or hateful tirade against yourself is often seen as cowardice, or inability to adequately answer the "debate". I actually think it much more a mature refusal to respond to fallible and pointless arguments, refusing to validate and dignify such weakness with a response. Sometimes it's just better to let lying dogs lie, and not give them further forum or reason to spew poison and hatred when you're just better off letting them think they had the last word. I mean, I could sit there and childishly argue and spam up blogs for months (I REALLY could, and in years past, I have done), but is it going to do any good? Sometimes a third party might be helped, but I think sometimes it's much more worth it to, as they say, "turn tail." There are also always those friends who agree with you, but are afraid to post their thoughts, lest someone should attack them equally as viciously. It's pretty amusing to me when people actually announce that they're going to get personal. Not even an attempt at hiding their true colors! Bravo!

Something else I've been thinking yet again about is how quickly labels like "bigot" and "hateful" and "intolerant" (and a veritable horde of others) are thrown out there, when, seriously, those exact words can be turned around to describe the person using them! Honestly, almost every time! It's so interesting how people just don't realize that when you call names in this kind of venue, it's such a weak and transparent attack! It shows immeasurably more about the person attacking than the person they're trying to tear down. That's another reason why it's sometimes best to just let them have the "last say." If it makes them feel important, why not give it to them? I mean, it's a classic bullying tactic--try to tear down someone else to make yourself feel bigger and cover your own insecurities. It mostly just makes me very sad actually.

I've been wondering if I should add some of these incredibly revealing and transparent personal attacks in my forthcoming book... It's perfectly legal if the names are withheld, or changed.

"Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you by experience."


Kuab Ci= 1,000,000
Antagonists= -1


  1. It's like teaching your kid what to do on the playground when someone picks a fight. Do you tell him to "Stay and Fight" in the name of defending some type of honor (ie, getting the last word?) Or do you tell him to avoid the inevitable black-eye and walk away (ie, maintaining dignity). I tell my kid to walk away most of the time.

    Now, if HE picks the fight, that's a whole different story...

  2. It is a very mature thing to do. People who usually oppose our side are so full of hate and resort to name calling, their whole argument is ridiculously immature. Boy how they LOOOOOVE to single people out. It is a ridiculous tactic. Good for you for not being affected.