Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jam. Or Pim.

Jim and Pam! I love them! Having just finished Season 3 of The Office, I am SO glad to see they are at last going to go on " a date". As a couple! Karen is nice, Roy is a buffoon, it was just never right. I am surprised to hear there are those who preferred Karen over Pam for Jim. She's all wrong for him, almost as wrong as Katy was. This show is practically built around how perfect Jim and Pam are for each other. I would just like to register my approval of the relationship of Jim and Pam. Their relationship has been rocky and dramatic, punctuated by highly romantic moments, and I think it's high time they finally started dating. The Booze Cruise! The famous first kiss/confession! The awkward tension after! The transfer to Stamford! The transfer back! The Karen obstacle! The minor "I'm-second-in-command-now-so-I-can't-do-pranks-on-Dwight-anymore" setback! The Beach Day walking on coals/purging of emotion! And at last... Jim's simple, unadorned asking if she's free for dinner... It's amazing what a simple request like that can do to you.

By a long shot, it's far better than Dwangela and Jichael. Ick.

Oh, and I can't believe the Temp landed the Corporate job... It would have been so convenient to get Karen out of the Scranton office.


  1. I wanted to link to a video, but blogger won't let me...so go to youtube and search for "The Office Summer" or "What the Office Did on Summer Vacation".

    This show is amazing - glad to hear you are getting caught up on all the awesomeness. And new season 4 episodes start this thursday!!! wahoo!

  2. Awww, you finished with out me! Durn you! I wanted to be there when you say Pam start crying when Jim walks in and asks her on a date! But I also want to be there when you watch the first episode of season 4!! We should watch the rest on the plan to CA! Hooray.

  3. HA! I can't believe you are just finding all of these out. I put that very picture on my Jim and Pam post long long ago. Oh, so funny.