Thursday, April 24, 2008

Running in the Snow!

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I was just getting ready to head out on my run today when I looked outside and was taken aback at the sight of falling snow! What a beautiful and unexpected turnout for the weather! Unlike most people, I actually love the winter and the snow, so had no real problem with the record-breaking snows this year in the midwest, and even a couple of really nice flurries since I arrived home. I decided to go ahead and run through it. I'd really missed running, though there were periods on my mission when I would run frequently (when I was training, we ran at least three times a week), but I prefer to run alone, where I can keep my own pace and not worry that I'm holding other people back from running as they like. So, I went on my run, and such an interesting effect! The snow falling, the wind blowing, the cold air, and the steam rising off of the warm street. It added to the already refreshing and cleansing and therapeutic effect that running has on me. I don't run very fast or very long, but it's enough, and I have my music and my thoughts, and as is practically inevitable, inspiration struck... I think I'm going to be writing later today...

Of course, the snow didn't last too long, and didn't stick to the ground at all. It was done by the time I came home, but as I went about my business today, it's been on and off. Heavenly Father loves me.


  1. How funny that it's still snowing! I totally expected a snow storm during April, but we didn't get one out here. Remember, we had snow the day before my wedding (on May 13th), so you may still get some snow yet! Keep your running shoes handy!

  2. I hate Snow. I hate running. This post is irrelevant to me. (hehe)

  3. Drew I love how excited you were about the snow. I generally am not a fan of it (but as I grew up in Arizona, I think this is to be expected) but I thought the snow yesterday was amazing, mostly because it wasn't even that cold, and because of how it kept coming and going. --As a side note, I WOULD prefer that we not get any more freak snows before my outdoor wedding reception has safely passed.-- :) But I was at Borders when the sun came out and I sat by the window and did nothing but stare at the steaming parking lot for probably ten minutes straight. It was SO cool to watch. And anyway, I'm just glad that someone can get that much pleasure out of something I generally hate. :)