Wednesday, April 9, 2008


On a much lighter note, as of last night I am now caught up with every episode of LOST that I missed for the last two years. It was quite a journey, and I have to say that at my viewing of the end of Season 3, the producers of this fine program have done something amazing--turned my mind completely backwards yet again. The show was always very interesting, with its backstories and the intertwining of the characters' lives, but now it has suddenly taken a completely different twist, which makes it even more interesting than it already was. The twist of including flash forwards, with even more tantalizing mysteries and clues about what's going down on everyone's favorite unidentified South Pacific island, reaffirms to me that this is the most creative and cinematic show on TV. You have to THINK to watch this show, which is so refreshing, compared to the generally mindless TV of this generation. All other shows (especially drama shows) must concede to LOST, as far as I'm concerned. There's just so much to do here--an ensemble cast, a creative story-telling method, brilliant characters and even the as yet unanswered questions. As long as you're patient, you always have something to think about with LOST. It really only takes one episode. The hook is undeniable.

Someone asked me once my favorite characters. They actually guessed, and they were right: Kate, Charlie, Claire, and now, Juliet. Whatever anyone says about her, she is intriguing, and she was TRICKED into joining the Others.

Also, on the subject, we have done the impossible. We, the original LOST Club of 2006, always on the lookout for a #16 to join our group, have found an honorary member. He may not even realize it, but when Johns joined us for a few episodes of LOST, and then, ever so slightly admitted that it was a "pretty intense" show (there was always the "24 vs. LOST" argument between us, though I told him it was pointless, since I also liked 24, though I admit not nearly as much as LOST), he admitted himself, as far as we are concerned, into the 16 slot of our number-coded club. He is by far the best #16 we have had. Welcome, Chiv Keeb.

I also have to say that I am amazed that complete episodes are available to watch online, even on the actual official website. It was quite a task to not only find, but view in decent quality any of the episodes online a couple of years ago.


  1. Aww, I would have been 16. I'm glad you have caught yourself up. Now you can wait in anger-filled anticipation until they get their act together again.

  2. So I'm checking out your blog, which happily coincides with an effort to put off my homework a little longer.

    Hello, nice blog. I can't believe you've watched something as random as Shaolin Soccer, but I also approve because that movie is hilarious.

    And in an effort to say something related to this post: I like Jack.

  3. Gah, and smeagol also goes by the name of Julie. That was probably really confusing, huh? You see how homework rots the brain?

  4. Hooray for Johns. Lost has definately made a nice comeback in my mind. This season is intereting. But to be honest, people keep dying...and I keep wishing they were Juliet. She's so shifty, and self-important all the time. I would totally vote her off the island.