Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Window Crisis Solved!

Today the nice man from Glass Doctor came and fixed my car window! He tried to make it so it would seal to the convertible top without wind or leaking, and even vacuumed it out of all the thousands of glass pieces. I'm so glad there are people like this who know what they're doing. It makes me wonder if I really know how to do anything, but then, I'm like... Thanks for fixing my car, and if you ever need help or consultation in the arts or film, give me a call! There was a MINOR dilemma when I was calling for prices-the first place said it was impossible to order that part except through a dealer, so it would cost almost $500 (which is outrageous, even for a window for a Beemer that old), but that person hardly spoke English, so I had to try a couple more places, and it was much more reasonable (about $150, a relief, since those old BMW parts really can be QUITE pricy).

Anyway, I'm just glad that my car is back in action. Now, IF those vandals return, they will face the wrath of me. I don't know how, especially if they do their dirty work in the dark of the night (I parked it in the light this time).

Yay! This is not a photo of my car exactly, but of a car that matches the model and year of mine. I just found this online, but now you get the idea of what my car looks like.


  1. Excellent. I love fixed stuff. $150 isn't bad at all. Nice shopping-around-skills.

  2. Nice. Oooh, I hate wasted $150. But I'm glad it wasn't $500.

  3. Good work, Chino. It's always a relief to get something fixed and back in order. Sorry again about the whole ordeal!