Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Year of a Million Dreams!

And now, for something completely different!!! And on a much lighter tone...


Ah, two days in the Happiest Place on Earth! Though my age and recent constitution renders me queasy at prolonged exposure to thrill rides, and I was quite exhausted from the flight and recent events, we had a fantastic time! There's just such a glow and calm (yes, calm! Even amid the teeming masses!) that fills me there, and while I prefer a less-crowded Disneyland to a more-crowded one, I'll take what I can get! The crowds and weather were actually perfect this time, maybe a tad too crowded to be considered ideal, it was definitely manageable. We hardly stood in line for longer than 20 minutes (except for the occasional exception--now and then one has to be made...). This time, in addition to Elise and Amber & Co., we went with another younger sister, her husband and baby, both of whom had never been before. It's always a kind of antsy feeling, waiting to see someone's first reaction to Disneyland, especially never having been there as a child, and therefore not having the benefit of nostalgia to make the trip special. But I am glad to say Jonny seemed quite impressed and had a great time. He's all about the big, fast rides, but he still maintained that Pirates of the Caribbean was one of his favorites. (Incidentally, I was underwhelmed with the inclusion of Jack Sparrow and Davey Jones... Interesting effect, cool animatronics, but really, it just adds that much more. Nothing groundbreaking as I had been led to think.)

Highlights: Seeing one of my old mission buddies, Brian Hood, along with some family and friends who drove up from San Diego (season passes--jealous!!!), and taking a day at the end of the vacation to just rest--no frantic running around, no major plans, just relaxing, visiting local sites, spending time with family, recouping. A more notable of my highlights was the new Submarine Voyage, and much thanks to Elise, the only one willing to stand through the gratuitously long line with me on our last night. It's such a huge part of my childhood, and I was always so devastated that it was closed, I just couldn't let the trip go without riding the newly-renovated, Nemo-themed attraction. It wasn't disappointing, just what I hoped it would be, and had some really great animated effects. It's not the most efficient attraction, line-wise and logistically, but I still enjoyed it a lot. Now, if only Ariel had somehow made it into those waters...

Next up, the long-gone sky ride! Bring it back, boys!


  1. YAY! It sounds fun and we are all jealous over here. Good thing Jonny had fun.

  2. Hooray for Disneyland. It was one of the bests, seeing as how everyone was there, and we didn't lose any small children!